Local Sake in Bitchu,Okayama

【Daiginjo Tobindori Shizukuzake】

The best quality Sake rice, Yamadanishiki, is polished down to the point that only thirty two percent remains, and using the brew master’s technique of ‘Tobin Kakoi’ each drip from Tsurushi-shibori is collected in eighteen liter bottles. This is our premium Sake and has a beautiful rich aroma combined with a mature flavor.

Daiginjo Tobindori Shizukuzake photo

【Junmai Daiginjo Omachi】

You will enjoy the mild and rich taste of this sake. It has a beautiful pleasant aroma which derives from the Sake rice Omachi, a local variety. Okayama produces over ninety percent of all of Japan’s Omachi.

Junmai Daiginjo Omachi photo

【Junmai Ginjo Bisyu】

This is Junmai Ginjo which is made from a rice blend, Yamadanishiki, Asahi and the local variety Omachi. Enjoy the initial mature gentle umami taste followed by a deep aftertaste.

Junmai Ginjo Bisyu photo

【Junmai Shiragiku】

Junmai Shiragiku is brewed using all of the qualities of the local Sake rice Omachi. You can enjoy Junmai (Pure rice special brew) either heated or cooled to appreciate the characteristics of its distinct umami flavor.

Junmai Shiragiku photo

【 Junmaishu Mikinishiki (Limited sales)

This is brewed with our revived ‘Heritage’ sake rice which is truly unique. Please enjoy the balance of the highly aromatic clean taste and sharpness. Depending on the season either ‘Namazake’ or ‘Hiireshu’ are available.

Junmaishu Mikinishiki photo

【Junmaishu Shiragikumai (Limited sales)

The rice that we use in this limited edition Sake has the same name as our brewery as we have revived this rice variety from only 55 seeds. Please enjoy the strong taste filled with a rich, acidic flavor. Depending on the season either ‘Namazake’ or ‘Hiireshu’ are available.

Junmaishu Shiragikumai photo

【Kimotojunmai Omachinanajyu】

This Sake is brewed using a traditional method called ‘Kimotozikomi’ Its deep strong taste balancing the acidic flavor and umami coming from the natural lactic acid bacterium and yeasts living in the brewery. Best when consumed at either room temperature or warm.

Kimotojunmai Omachinanajyu photo


This Sake is our brewery’s original Sake, developed in Nariwa using Okayama’s local rice and the techniques of the Bitchu master brewers. The rich flavor is not only suitable for being enjoyed with Japanese food or by itself as an everyday drink.

Josen photo

【Tokubetsu Honjozo Shiroise】

Tokubetsu Honjozo Shiroise is brewed using a mixture of Asahi and Yamadanishiki rice harvested in Okayama. It has a gentle aroma which reveals the umami and sweetness coming from the rice while still retaining a light clean freshness. This can be enjoyed either chilled or warmed.

Tokubetsu Honjozo Shiroise photo

【Honjozo Chokara】

Honjozo Chokara maintains just the right amount of umami from the rice while exhibiting a crisp taste and clear aftertaste so loved by Sake gourmets. This dry Sake can be consumed either warm or cold.

Honjozo  Chokara photo

【Kome Zhochu DAN Junen Koshu】

We store raw rice sake for more than ten years and then select the very best flavored ones to make this Shochu. This has a well matured taste, rich bouquet, and a smooth texture.25% alcohol (Only720ml)

Kome Zhochu DAN Junen Koshu photo

【Nihonshujikomi Umeshu Koushunbai】

This highly scented and mild tasting Umeshu (Plum Wine) is brewed using our own raw Sake and locally harvested plums.(300,720 and 1,800 ml)

Nihonshujikomi Umeshu Koushunbai photo